Winner of 2
2015 Elliott Norton Awards
A new play inspired by “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”


"Spellbinding... The narrative is jocular and dramatic, scintillating and vernacular by turns."

"Captivating... An auspicious return for the Poets’ Theatre."

"Matthew Spangler and Benjamin Evett’s “Albatross” visits one with much more than a tale. It’s nothing less than an amazing experience of live theater...Evett quite simply mesmerizes. "

K-BACH's Theater Critic, Chris Curcio, reviews Arizona Theatre Company's production of Albatross

"Albatross gives classic poem a gritty edge"

"...a stirring production centered around a masterful performance"

"...strips away the clichés (of the poem) and finds its dramatic heart."

"Albatross is affecting theatrical piece that you will long remember."

"A rich theatrical experience, with a terrific performance..."

"Exhilarating! exciting tale, shocking, moving, and arresting. Magically and effortlessly told..."

"...writing is poetic without feeling anachronistic..."

"...a tour-de-force of acting chops and physical stamina..."

"Mike Seiden and The Poets’ Theatre have taken one of the English language’s most iconic poems and turned it into a visually enthralling saga."

"Michael Seiden and the Poets' Theatre have turned the borderline psychedelic poem into an epic tale..."

"It is Evett’s tour de force performance which is the real champion."

"A strikingly dramatic text... exhilarating language... impressive and dazzling."

By Matthew Spangler & Benjamin Evett