Winner of 2
2015 Elliott Norton Awards
A new play inspired by “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

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For information on how to bring Albatross to your theater, contact:
Michael Seiden – (602) 320-1258,
Matthew Spangler – (650) 714-3622,

The Play

Benjamin Evett

Albatross is a one actor play that runs for 90 minutes. The production is very flexible and scales well to a variety of configurations. It works equally well in a black box or a proscenium theater of up to 800 seats.

Albatross can be presented under a variety of performance agreements:

  • The play can be produced by Michael Seiden and The Poets' Theatre and presented by the theater organization.
  • The play can be jointly produced between Michael Seiden, The Poets' Theatre and the presenting organization.
  • The play can be produced by the presenting theater organization with a royalty paid to Michael Seiden and The Poets' Theatre.

Appropriate agreements will be provided depending upon the specific production arrangements.

The Production

Benjamin Evett

The production is deceptively simple. The Mariner enters an empty stage, dragging a battered old trunk. He opens it and pulls out three “patchwork” sails which he secures on the deck. The audience watches him hoist the sails on ropes. The patchwork sails come alive through a sophisticated series of projections and lighting effects, supported by a nuanced and powerful soundscape that ignites the senses. The sights and sounds of the production plunge the audience into the Mariner’s world – a never-to-be-forgotten journey.

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The Actor

Benjamin Evett

The role of the Mariner is played by Benjamin Evett who won an Elliot Norton award for his performance in Boston. Rick Lombardo directed the production.


The Albatross, by Matthew Spangler and Benjamin Evett, is a 2015 Elliot Norton Nominee for Outstanding New Script. To request a copy of the script, please contact:

Michael Seiden – (602) 320-1258,
Matthew Spangler – (650) 714-3622,


Albatross Study Guide extends and enhances the experience for students of literataure, drama, humanities and theatre. (Click here for the entire study guide).

By Matthew Spangler & Benjamin Evett